EFCC Should Investigate Celebrities Encouraging ''Yahoo Yahoo''
EFCC Should Investigate Celebrities Encouraging ''Yahoo Yahoo''

If youths can’t speak with one voice against ”Yahoo Yahoo”, can they really curb corruption?

Opinion: Recently the Nigerian youths believed they ‘ve had enough of their recycle leaders; who move from being a state governor, to ministers, senators and more.

Prior to 2019 general election many of the youths were chanting “enough is enough” but failed to acts during the election proper.

Some celebrity couldn’t let go of their show abroad for the general election, while some traveled out a day to the election, after mobilizing other Nigerians against the so called ”old-recycle” politicians.

Their grievances against the politicians ranges from: Corruption, Infrastructural decadence, In-competencies, Insensitivity, and politicizing critical issues that affect Nigerians, rather than resolving same.

It was obvious that the Nigerian youths pride themselves ready for the leadership challenge at the time, unfortunately, their actions speaks volume of their ”non-readiness”.

”Yahoo Yahoo” and Fighting corruption

While many Nigerian youths are working hard to be on top of their games, many others are working hard to dubiously earn from the white, other Nigerians and/or through rituals.

These make one ponder on whether the already ”corrupt youths”, who engage in financial crimes, would make good leaders? Please note, we have youths with credible characters, but one tree don’t make a bush, if Buhari, is not corrupt, we have people in his cabinet, in the house of assembly and rep members that are corrupt. That’s my point.

More so, while some celebrities are against ”yahoo yahoo” and the bad reputation it confer on Nigeria and Nigerians, some notable celebrities are encouraging the ”yahoo boys’, requesting that they should be prayed for, rather than being chastised, hmmmm.

Sooner or later, these celebrities encouraging ”Yahoo Yahoo”, if not personally interested in political offices, will be supporting others who are interested.

Imagine, what kind of corrupt system Nigeria is about to experience, should these sets of crook celebrities and their friends find their ways into political offices!


Truth be told, many of these celebrities encouraging ”yahoo yahoo” could be beneficiaries of the fraudulent practices, it will not be a crime, should Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC officials invite such celebrities for questioning.

Such invitation should be polite, and open investigations carried out on such celebrities. That’s by the way, however.

The crux here is that, are Nigerians youths ready, to really take up the mantle of leadership, to effect the real changes Nigerians desire?

Lots of issues and down turn we experience are consequences of corruption that had eaten deep into the system, which has became the norms in all spheres (both private and public organisations, churches, and other religious outlets).

Let all concerned Nigerians ask themselves, if they are not corrupt and are incorruptible, this will be a major step towards achieving the greater height we all desire.

Let all actors, artistes and comedians examine themselves over tax remittances.

Let all pastors preach salvation and the true gospel of Christ, rather than casting non-existing demons, while milking the Church. The first Apostles had everything in common, the Church leaders should improve lives of members, sponsor students education, provide amenities in rural areas instead of private jets.

Let all vibrant Nigerians do what is right, at the appropriate time, and accordingly.

Concerned Nigerian


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