[In a beautiful decorated corridor, students are seen in corners laughing and gisting altogether.

Diana, walks into the school corridor in mouth agape obviously shocked on what she’s seeing, the corridor is expensively well decorated with maps, statues and pictures on the wall,at the left hand side is the picture of the school principal, the fearless strict glowing woman in her late thirties,she looks around in shock and amazement not knowing when she bumps into a pretty girl with books in hand].

DIANA:(smiling) I am so sorry.
KATE’:(smiles back)Its nothing but a mistake, don’t be too apologetic.
KATE: My manners, I am kate and you’re?
DIANA: Diana by name.
KATE:(observes her)It seems you are lost on your way,where are you heading to?
DIANA:(looks at a piece of paper she’s holding)emmm…I am looking for the science section,3b precisely.
KATE:(hugs her to diana’s surprise) Wow…what a coincidence or should I call it fate.
DIANA:(confused)Hello? I don’t understand you.
KATE:(holds her)we are in the same section and class.
DIANA: For real?
KATE: Yea,for real. I think we are done here, let’s head to class because lateness is never an excuse.
DIANA: You seem friendly.
KATE: Yea,very friendly(winks her eyes)everybody says that,let’s get outta here(she drags diana by the hand and walks down the corridor, both laughing like old friends. They stops at a door boldly and clearly written “SCIENCE 3B”,Kate opens the door dragging diana along. As the entered inside,no one seems to notice there presence as everyone minds his or her business. As diana steps into the class,she looks around and to her shock,she finds someone she has prayed not to see,the ever gorgeous arrogant guy,Daniel. Daniel is at the far end with some group of boys and girls playing cards,Kate beckons on her to find somewhere and sit,moreover there are lots of empty sits and desks; Kate leaves and joins those playing cards. Diana looks at the big size board and smiles to herself,she’s finally a student of springs college,her dream school. She looks at the direction of those playing cards,she sees the rude boy,danny laughing; she hates him at the moment,she hisses and turns only to see someone standing in front of her desk staring at her with hurtful eyes;she’s shocked to see the eye balls of the second person she never wanted to see, the ever rude and pompous lady Claire).
DIANA:(tensed)Can I help you?
CLAIRE:(harshly)Is there something wrong with your medulla oblongata?
DIANA:(laughs) I asked you a question and you’re replying with question.
CLAIRE:(annoyed)Who directed you to sit here?
DIANA: My instincts.
CLAIRE:(bossy)when I ask you a question, be fair enough to give me a direct answer.
DIANA: And in what constitution is it written?
CLAIRE:(exhales)Don’t play smart with me(everyone in the class seems to notice the clash that will soon happen)Young lady, be kind enough to stand up from my position, don’t be selfish.
DIANA:(laughs)Selfish?(she stands)You’re the one person being selfish here. There are enough sits to occupy you even if you are fat(she says it loud and the students laughs)Go and look for another position,cos this is mine.
CLAIRE:(angry)You’re obviously playing with fire and it will definitely consume you. Look here,don’t make everyone think that am the evil one here.
DIANA: what’s so hard for you to go look for another place to sit.
CLAIRE:(loudly) Foolishly stand up from there and save yourself the disgrace. This fight you want to start between us is far bigger than you.
DIANA: I don’t want any fight but friendship.
CLAIRE: To hell with your worthless friendship, I don’t friend with pauper like you.
DIANA: Hmmm…(at this juncture, Daniel is seen approaching them with his friends and Kate).
KATE: What’s happening here?
DANIEL:(to claire) what’s really the problem?
CLAIRE: (points at diana hatefully) This thing,overfed maggot refused to obey my orders.
KATE: Who are you to give orders?(claire stares at her with so much hatred).
CLAIRE:(rudely) I wasn’t talking to you, so don’t poke nose on my dealings(kate waves at her annoyingly)Like I was saying before a fly interrupted, I told her to get up from my position which she bluntly refused. I want you to order her to stand up at once(everyone fixes their curious eyes on cute daniel, to know what he will do).
DANIEL:(coughs) Babe…I saw her sit here before you;moreover,there are still empty sits…okay,come sit beside me.
CLAIRE: (furious)You’re an animal(everyone is shocked hearing this) so you’re taking her side,and neglecting the desires of the person you call your heartbeat…
DANIEL: Its not a matter of taking sides but standing on the truth.
CLAIRE: I so much hate you right now (turns to Diana)watch your back(she leaves in annoyance).