Greatest Legends Never Show Off Material Things - IK Ogbonna
Greatest Legends Never Show Off Material Things - IK Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna showers accolades on her wife, accuses online followers of fake love

Nollywood fine boy, IK Ogbonna has on his lips song of praises for her wife Sonia. There have been speculations online that IK Ogbonna’s marriage is facing some challenges.

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The speculations started after his wife, Sonia Morales, removed his name from her bio on her Instagram page and the actor posted a caption that read, “Everyday opens up doors to new blessings. husbandmaterial50000000yards,” suggesting that he was single.

The actor who accused his followers of not being genuine, refute the challenges his marriage is purportedly facing.

The actor, however, insisted that his caption was not suggestive in any way.

He wrote, “My caption is not suggestive in any way. Stop misinforming people. Somebody cannot write caption in peace without thinking how overfed adults would take it. My name is MR IK OGBONNA. Everything is stew here, thanks.”


The actor noted that his wife was an intelligent woman and that he gave the credit of their successful marriage to her because it was difficult being married to someone like him due to the nature of his job.

“My wife is gifted; she is a very intelligent woman. You cannot sit down with her and not learn something; she is very expressive, she expresses herself regardless of what people think or say.

It takes two people to make things work; on her own part, she does her best and she will keep doing her best. Being married to someone like me is very difficult because my career takes a toll on me.

I am hardly around and available to give her enough attention as a woman, but I will keep trying.

“Most of the time, for a marriage to really work, it takes two people, but the woman has to be patient. So far so good, she has been doing a great job and I will give her all the credit.

“Any celebrity out there hardly has time because we work round the clock but whatever time I have no matter how little it feels, I spend it with my family.

It is within that little time I go out with them and take pictures with them; that is when I go for events with them.

I go to events with my wife, not to flaunt her but because in the little time I have to be in that event, I’ll rather be with her than go alone. It is never enough but I will always like to give it as much as I can,” he said.


Ogbonna accused some of his followers on social media platforms of not having genuine love for him, saying, “Some followers are there to hate, some get inspired, some are even there to do ‘eye-service’, and some of them are there as the press, just to pick things to gossip about.

I have had a lot of people that come to me and tell me that following me has inspired them greatly; these types of feedbacks give me joy.”

I play those roles not considering people’s opinions because at the end of the day, you can’t please everyone. You have to do the needful as a professional. I don’t care what people say about me because they don’t put food on my table, they have nothing to add to my life.”