'i breathe through my anus' - Actress nastily reacts to fans question
'i breathe through my anus' - Actress nastily reacts to fans question

‘i breathe through my anus’ – Actress nastily reacts to fans question

Every woman of today desires hourglass shape and would go several miles to achieve it but it appears no one can go as far as  Gambia-born, Ghana-based actress, Princess Shyngle who is reputed to have the tiniest waist among all the actresses in Africa.

Her tiny waste and curvy hips are as legendary as mystery surrounding how she came by it.

More so, some believe her waist is getting smaller by the day, to the extent an unknown artist had to paint a portrait of her waist to tell her it could disappear completely in the near future.

Recently, a concerned follower of hers threw a question that got a nasty reply from her.

WHO: Polluted air kills 600,000 kids globally “ Please how do you breathe or don’t you breathe at all”, the fan had asked.

And the actress simply replied him; “ I breathe through my anus” Many questions have been raised over her unusually tiny waist that she had had to come out to defend herself  that it is waist trainers she uses.

“There is absolutely nothing more to this waist, I have always been a slim girl. I have always had a small waist, I only enhance it with waist trainers.

I haven’t done anything yet maybe after I have given birth to my 3 kids probably I might do something if my husband is in support of it”, she once said in an interview.

She was once reported to have fainted at a mall as a result of extreme waist training, which some said gave her kidney disease but she has since debunk all rumours.