Kano Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje Caught on Camera

A video clip showing Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje apparently indulging in corrupt act is currently trending on the internet.

The governor of Nigeria’s acclaimed most populous state is seen in the video receiving and alleged bribe of about $5 million from contractors in the state.

According to DAILY NIGERIAN, several contractors that spoke to it on the condition of anonymity accused the governor of being in the habit of personally receiving from 15 to 25 per cent kickbacks for every project executed in the state.

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The media platform said the sting operation to capture the governor on camera was a project it started two years ago after one of the contractors accepted its request to plant spy camera on his kaftan lapel while offering the bribe.

“During about 10 months efforts to capture the bribe giving/taking scenes, the governor’s face and body were clearly captured in nine clips, while six others did not clearly reveal the governor’s face. About $5 million were delivered to the governor during the sting operation,” DAILY NIGERIAN said.

It added that the contractors said the reason it collaborated with it was to expose corruption and bring sanity to the country.

“If my aim is to blackmail or extort the governor, I would have used the videos get over a billion settlement or force the governor to pay the hundreds of millions of naira the state is owing my company or force him to pay back all the money I paid him as kickbacks.

“We believe if public office holders are exposed, there will be sanity in the system even if I will not be the beneficiary in future,” the source was quoted as saying.

The development came after the governor had last August signed an executive order on Open Government Partnership (OGP) and directed all ministries, departments and agencies to fully implement the principles.

On signing the GOP the governor had said, “Kano State has joined the Open Government Partnership to deepen institutional reforms, fight corruption, and grant citizens’ right of access to public records and information and to enable citizens to effectively participate in governance.

“On the premise of answering the call of President Muhammadu Buhari, that Nigeria must fight corruption to a standstill, Ganduje becomes very committed in the OGP project.”

Meanwhile, a source from the Presidency said to be familiar with the situation, revealed that two security agencies have been instructed by President Buhari to file a report on the video and submit to him in earnest.

The report is to analyse the audio-visual contents of the clips, backgrounds and sequence.