Law School: 2018 Bar Final Examination Results Released

Law School: The Council of Legal Education has released the results of the 2018 Bar Final Examination conducted in August 2018.

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5,846 students participated in the examination with 4,633 (79.25%) candidates successful, 218 (3.73%) with conditional pass, 965 (16.5%) failed, and 30(0.51%) were absent.

In terms of overall performance, 161 (2.75%) candidates were graded with First Class, 695 (11.89%) with Second Class Upper, 1,276 (21.83%) with Second Class Lower and 2,501 (42.78%) with Pass.

• Pass: 79.25%
• Conditional Pass: 3.73%
• Fail: 16.51%

This statistics show that at least one in two person failed or had a pass grade from the Law school. The Call to Bar ceremony is set to hold on November 27th, 28th, and 29th in Abuja.

The amount of fist class grade awarded by the law school has increased. In 2017 the number of First Class was 29 which was the highest in the history of law school until now.