Nigerian entertainer are too poor for me - Maryam Charles
Nigerian entertainer are too poor for me - Maryam Charles

Nigerian entertainer are too poor for me – Maryam Charles

Budding actress, Maryam Charles says Nigerian entertainer are too poor for her. Maryam who caused lots of drama when she advised women to use what they have to get what they want despite not being married.

In a post on her social media handle, she taught women how to get things from their men during sex.

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While some people felt she was passing the wrong message, others opined that she was simply stating the truth.

The actress explained the motive her controversial post thus:

“Honestly, I just feel that people don’t want to be real. I was actually playing around when I uploaded that post and I am surprised that it got to that extent. What I posted is normal and the truth. If you want to get something from your man, you know the right time to ask for it, especially from the stingy ones.”

Charles also confirmed that she used the technique on her man. She said, “Yes, I actually do that a lot with my man and it works all the time. However, I am only speaking to married couples; I am not talking to people who are just dating.”

When reminded that she was not married, she said, “Yes, I am not married but I’m in a serious relationship. As a matter of fact, I’m engaged. My man is based in the United States.”

On if she had ever dated an entertainer and if a relationship between two entertainers could work, Maryam said, “I have never dated anyone in the Nigerian entertainment industry because they are all broke; they are too broke for me.

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I am a movie producer and I make my own films. I am a hard worker; I don’t believe in using what you have to get what you want in that sense.

I work for my cash and my man supports me too. I am a producer and I call my own shots.”