Regina Daniels is legally an adult with fully developed breats and well form hips - Nwoko's Consultant
Regina Daniels is legally an adult with fully developed breats and well form hips - Nwoko's Consultant

Regina Daniels is legally an adult with fully developed breast and well form hips – Nwoko’s Consultant

Following online trolls and celebrities disagreement over rumored marriage of Nollywoood actress, Regina Daniels with Delta born billionaire, Ned Nwoko, Karifest ‘Duchess’ Onyeka, the consultant to Ned has said that, there’s nothing wrong if her client and the young actress are married.

Onyeka maintained that Daniels was not underage.

She said,

“What do people mean that she is underage?

The girl is an international figure and has travelled overseas on her own.

She is legally an adult and knows right from wrong.

She has fully developed breasts and her hips are well formed.

She is a well mannered girl with good composure.

So, which man wouldn’t be attracted to someone like her?

Age is nothing but a number and lots of people have married with wide age gaps.

People such as Sade Okoya, Tina Turner and others married people whose ages were far different from theirs.

If such people had married their age mates, their marriages may have crashed.

It is pertinent to go after happiness wherever you find it.”

On whether the couple is legally married, Karifest Onyeka said,

“If they married, it is only a matter of time before everybody knows.”

Karifest who debunked rumour that Nwoko’s other wives aren’t at peace with Regina said, whoever Ned is married to, is too comfortable to complain.

In her words:

They have the choicest cars and whatever they want at their disposal.

So, what do they have to complain about?

The man (Nwoko) is a nice, kind and lovable person. He is a humanitarian and he loves humanity so much.

Because of that, he goes out of his way to take care of many people.

Coming to the issue of his wives, I believe he has the sole prerogative to do whatever he wants with his life.

If he decides to marry 100 wives, it’s his choice if he feels he can take care of them all.

People should just allow the man to live and enjoy his private life. He is a very good person and does not deserve this kind of publicity.”

Reminded that Nwoko is a public figure and the lady in question is an actress, so public attention is inevitable, Onyeka said,

“It is not because he is a public figure that this news spread like wildfire, it is because he has many enemies.

He is an Anioma (in Delta State) elite, and because his ways are different from that of other elites, people always try to cast aspersions on him at every opportunity.

There are people that do worse things, but nobody talks about them.”


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