Sex Education: What is the appropriate time to teach children about sex?

Sex Education: What is the appropriate time to teach children about sex?

In this computer age, when everything is computerized, what is the appropriate age for children to read about sex?

All children are not alike. But parents’ primary focus each time they want to start introducing sex education to each child or children in general should be to be real friends with them.

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It is very easy to pass any message across to someone you have already won their confidence, friendship, trust and love. Such persons will not only accept whatever idea you are bringing to them but will consider your idea as the best.

This is why some rapists and child molesters try to become so friendly with the child they want to abuse that it will be so difficult for the child to break away even when they know the act is not right.

So be a friend, hero and confidant to your child. Then the next step is to be able to understudy the child’s peculiarity; that is, their level of intelligence, exposure, and area of interest.

Also, know your child’s circle of friends, his special games and aspirations. Then study his pattern of questions. Now while studying their pattern of questions, make sure you are not reprimanding them or curtailing their originality.

Whenever you choose to start, always make the subject matter appear as if it’s not really a big deal. When you put up a face and posture that suggest that it is serious, they will likely keep quiet.

Is sharing rooms with our children a subtle form of child abuse?

My husband has two teenagers from his previous marriage while I have one from my previous marriage. We are newlyweds sharing a bedroom apartment with these teenagers. My question is: how healthy is it for us as parents to be caressing each other in the presence of these children since we cannot afford a bigger place for now and the passion for sex is very high between my husband and me?  Is it safe to be sharing rooms with our children? Is this a subtle form of child abuse?

You might not be able to afford the type of accommodation you desire but the point is that even when you are living in a seven-bedroomed apartment, you can or may still dress up in the presence of your children or caress in front of them or make love around them. So the issue is not about the number of rooms; it is about making sure you create a sex safe environment for them. Do not unnecessarily expose them to some things or allow some thoughts to cloud their minds because of your actions. There are better ways to have passionate sex without giving the teenagers any clue about your actions. If you bathe together as a couple and have sex while doing that, they won’t know that you have sex while doing that. You could have a quick one when they are away on errand or in school.