Many Celebrities Live A Fake Life - Tope Alabi, The Holy Spirit Gave Me 16 Songs On The Spot - Tope Alabi on 'Logan Ti Ode'
The Holy Spirit Gave Me 16 Songs On The Spot - Tope Alabi on 'Logan Ti Ode'

The Holy Spirit Gave Me 16 Songs On The Spot – Tope Alabi on ‘Logan Ti Ode’

Ace gospel artistes, Tope Alabi has confirmed that her current trending album tagged ‘Logan Ti Ode’ was not pre-written.

Tope Alabi recently trend on the Internet with the spontaneous worship song, ‘Logan Ti Ode,’ which featured songwriter and celebrity photographer, TY Bello.

The video was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people on several multimedia platforms, especially on the YouTube and Instagram pages of both singers, with many fans sharing comments of how the song inspired and moved them to tears.

The singer revealed that she composed 16 songs on that day, insisting that they were not pre-written.

“The Holy Spirit gave me about 16 songs on the spot on the day we recorded, ‘Logan Ti Ode.’ It was not planned, we were supposed to be singing together but the Holy Spirit had other plans for us. It was after the whole thing that TY Bello revealed to me that the Holy Spirit told her to keep quiet while I sang.

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“There was none of my old songs on that track; it was supposed to be a photo shoot and a moment of worship. So, when we finished the photo shoot, TY Bello called a keyboardist and a drummer to join us; the plan was just to do a family worship. However, immediately I noticed the presence of the Holy Spirit, I had to suspend what I was doing prior to that time and I followed His leading.

“I am still in awe of how the song went viral within a short time; some of my songs had gone viral like this before but this is exceptional. When I started gospel music, I didn’t expect to be this famous; I am even afraid because the fame and fans are overwhelming. I am afraid because I fear God, She added.