Nude Video: Etinosa and I Planned The Live Video - Mc Galaxy, Why MC Galaxy Allowed Etinosa & A Female Fan Dance Naked For ₦50,000
Why MC Galaxy Allowed Etinosa & A Female Fan Dance Naked For ₦50,000

Etinosa & A Female Fan Dance Naked For ₦50,000 On Mc Galaxy Live Instagram Video

Popular Nigerian Musician, Mc Galaxy came under serious online attack, after his live instagram video that saw Etinosa and other female fan go naked during the live streaming.

The musician however has responded to his critics, explaining why he permitted the nude female fans on his live video.

Speaking with Punch, the sekem crooner said that he allowed the naked female dancer because his fans demanded to see her. More so, a friend promised to give her ₦50,000 for her performance.

In Mc Galaxy’s words:

“I do a live video call with my fans every Friday between 10 and 11pm sometimes; it is an avenue to show what they can do. All they do is call in and some of them rap, sing, and dance. I didn’t put a price tag on anything the first time I did it till someone impressed me with her dance and after the whole thing, I said I would give her N20, 000.
“On this day, different people called in, some were dancing and singing; so I was out to see who was going to be the baddest that night (sic). I didn’t even mention any amount at all. One lady called in and rapped and I told her she might be the winner for the night but didn’t mention any price tag. They knew I was definitely going to give them money.
“The next thing I saw was a girl who called in naked. I was shocked and scared so I dropped the call. My fans started telling me through the comment section that they wanted her and that I should pick her call. So she called back and I picked her call and she started dancing. I read comments out on my live show regularly, so my fans were the ones saying I should tell her to show her backside.
“I was just reading all those comments out; I even forgot it was a live video chat at some point. My friend now dropped a comment that he was willing to give the girl that danced naked N50, 000. I read out his comment and I mentioned that for this prize, she was now contestant number 1 and I announced that if there was anybody that could dance better than her, (they should reveal themselves).
“That was how it happened; the next thing was that they changed the whole thing. Now they are saying I told girls to strip for N50, 000; if I want strippers, I will go to a club in Lagos and I will see enough strippers.”
Asked how he felt about the numerous insults he was getting from people; he noted that it wasn’t an easy period for him because he was more concerned about his fan base.
“I didn’t even bother to read the comments. It wasn’t an easy time for me because it was about females; most of my fans are girls. Even my Instagram statistics show that 70 per cent of my fans are girls while the other 30 per cent are men. I am not scared that it can damage my career; nothing can damage my career.
“I am too blessed for anything in this life to damage my career. Even if someone writes something to damage my career, they are only promoting me. Even the girl that won the money wrote on her status that she was the proud winner of N50, 000 (and) that Nigerians are hypocrites.
“I was scared to do the live video after that, but people encouraged me to continue. When I tried it yesterday, I jokingly said no one should go naked again, and everybody laughed. It doesn’t stop my giveaway though. Some fans also give people cash gifts on my live videos.”

He also debunked the speculations that he was doing those live videos to stay relevant.

“What do I need relevance for, it doesn’t bring money. I don’t do most shows musicians do but I am better than eighty per cent of them. I am a contractor but people don’t know. You can’t see me in all these free noisy shows, I don’t need to be relevant, I am making it. I have spent five years in the music industry and I have been making hits back to back.

“My first song was a hit, so what do I need relevance for? That’s the mentality of poor people. Almost all the governors in this country are my friends; I sponsor people’s education, what will relevance do for me?” he said.



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