Becky With The Good Hair: Beyonce’ May Have Given A Lead

There may be some new leads as to just who “Becky With The Good Hair” could be, thanks to Beyonce’s recent ad-lib during the Los Angeles stop on the On The Run II tour on Monday (Sept. 24).

During her heartbreak anthem “Resentment,” Queen Bey changed the lyrics to reflect JAY-Z’s mistress, who has been brought up on Lemonade, 4:44 and their recent joint album Everything Is Love.

“Like I couldn’t do it for you, like that desperate, mediocre, wack b**ch could,” she sang to gasps and cheers from the crowd. The original lyrics are “like I couldn’t do it for you, like your mistress could.” She also said “she ain’t even half of me, and that b**ch will never be.”

The mystery behind this “Becky” character was created after the Lemonade hit “Sorry” raised eyebrows with the song’s penultimate lyrics, “you better call Becky with the good hair.”

While there have been several theories as to who Jigga’s mistress may be (such as Rachel Roy and Rita Ora, who have denied the allegations), this new version of Knowles’ B’Day hit may provide some very big clues for nosy fans.

Although, this lyrical change could very well just be trolling from Mrs. Carter, we’ll really never know for sure until the “APESH*T” musicians tell us on their own. A usually tight-lipped couple, there’s a chance that day will never come.