Its a bright morning in springs college,the most popular college in St.Benz estate.

A tough looking black man stands at a white coloured gate,which is obviously the school gate.

Diana,dressed in a white top and black trouser, a yellow small bag hangs at her back; as she steps into the spacious school environment,she sees the beauty in a well influential school.

She has always dreamed of getting admitted into this highly recommended school…thank God for the scholarship she merited in high school.

She looks around, mouth agape as she watches students moves and laughs around; a big statue is seen at the centre of the school, at her left hand side,she sees groups of boys playing basketball,they are obviously tall and broad shouldered.

She starts walking looking and smiling at students,she sees a group of cheerleaders and group of boys chatting with two girls].

DIANA: (smiling) wow…this place looks so magnificent and beautiful, this is my dream school…I am so happy, I can’t wait to mingle,make friends, have a boyfriend and have fun.

I will surely join the cheerleaders(she keeps on moving observing the whole place) My mid brother tom,will so much love this school (she turns back and collides with a handsome boy)oh! am so sorry.
DANIEL:(laughs) Sorry? You should always be careful while walking.
DIANA:(stares at him,opening her mouth)I said am sorry.
DANIEL: Will you close your mouth,before you eat flies.
DIANA:(closes her mouth) oh! am sorry.
DANIEL: You’re too apologizing.
DIANA: I need a favour from you.
DIANA: Can I know your name?
DANIEL:(laughs making diana look stupid)If I tell you my name,to what use is it to you?

I am no celebrity,girl. Don’t allow my cuteness decieve you, it’s isn’t new to me, every girl wants to know me.

DIANA: I just want to be friends with you.
DANIEL: But I don’t need your friendship, if you want to be friends with me, come to my bed(laughs).
DIANA: Stop being naughty and rude…I don’t want to know your name again, can you show me the way to the deans office.
DANIEL: You have to earn that…(at this juncture, a pretty girl with her gang of friends approaches them,they seems to be popular in the college as students stares at them. The pretty girl, goes close to daniel and plants a kiss on his sexy lips to the amazement of diana).
DIANA:(stretches her hand to the pretty girl for a handshake) I am diana and you’re?
CLAIRE:(smiles rudely) I don’t care to know you,take your hand back.
CLAIRE: What are you doing here?
DIANA: For schooling.
CLAIRE:(looks at her disgustingly) And who told you that this school is for your type?
DANIEL:(to claire) Babe…easy.
DIANA:(surprised) I am sorry for disturbing or instruding.
WILLY:(to Claire) She seems to come from the gutters.
ROSE: She looks awful.
DIANA: Hmmm…thanks for the insults(she leaves hurriedly not looking back).
DANIEL: You shouldn’t have…
CLAIRE:(cut in)Don’t lecture me on how to treat people(she leaves,followed by her gangs)
DANIEL: Don’t be mad,babe.(follows her as light fades)