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Game of Thrones Final Episode Will Not Please All – Kit Harrington (John Snow)

Kit Harington who played John Snow in the home series, Game of Thrones has said that, the final episode of the series will not please everyone.

“We can not please everyone”. At least Kit Harington knows this well before the final episode of  Game of Thrones  passes.

Harington, who has already shot the last season of  Game of Thrones and is already nearing the end, insinuated that the end would divide opinion.

“I think a TV series that lasted eight or nine years is very difficult to conclude,” Harington told MTV at the Toronto International Film Festival. “I think everyone will not be happy … and we can not please everyone.” My favorite TV shows are  The Sopranos ,  Breaking Bad  and  Surire , and they all had an ending that, somehow … will never satisfy you. ”

And we say that Jon Snow does not know anything …

Harington was promoting his new film,  Colonel Blimp .